Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tips on Learning English


Study English every Day
How many English words can I learn per day?
10 English words or phrases per day aren’t too many, are they? Just give it a try. You will find that you can learn them in next to no time.
So why not take a little time each day (Monday to Friday) to learn 10 new words?
Use the weekend to revise what you have learned during the past week(s). This way you’ll enrich your English vocabulary by 50 new words per week. (That’s 200 new English words after a month!)

Little strokes fell great oaks.

Limited strength, when persistently applied, can accomplish great feats.
Each little axe swing seems a small chip to the oak tree... but lots of those little actions ends up in the tree being chopped down. The idea is that persistence yields a reward over the long term, no matter how difficult the goal may seem.
Peter Allman chooses a quote from Ben Franklin to discuss.
He talks about how, when faced with what appears to be insurmountable odds, we tend to stagnate and start to worry. He uses the example of our rent or mortgage payment and suggests these do not pose problems because we handle the payments with structure, discipline and responsibility.

He suggests we take the ‘initial step’ and move forward to solve the big problems in our lives.

We can chose to approach our healthy journeys in any number of ways; food, exercise, research or any combination of the above.

We should continue to take ‘bite-size’ pieces with "structure, discipline and responsibility" to move towards  a healthier tomorrow!

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