Monday, January 3, 2011

Tips on Learning English

1)    Backlog Analysis: unlearn typical English mistakes

Isn’t it frustrating: it is always the same mistakes that prevent you from becoming fluent and confident in your spoken English. How can you unlearn those mistakes?

Don’t try too much at a time. Instead, concentrate on just one typical mistake. Go through the explanations and exercises in your grammar reference or textbook. When reading English texts, look out for that specific grammar aspect.

Take the print out of our analysis and consult your teacher or any of your friends who can help you. Look through the text together and pick out one problem. Write down the category … and start unlearning that problem.

If you’ve unlearned the mistake, you can tackle the next problem.

What’s the problem?

   1. Singular and Plural Form of Nouns
   2. Articles
   3. Pronouns
   4. some/any and much/many
   5. Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers
   6. Date and Time
   7. Prepositions
   8. Comparison of Adjectives
   9. Form and Comparison of Adverbs
  10. Adjectives and Adverbs
  11. Affirmative Sentences (Word Order)
  12. Positions of Adverbs
  13. Negative Sentences
  14. Questions
  15. Use of Tenses
  16. Form of Tenses
  17. Conditional Sentences (if clauses)
  18. Auxiliary Verbs
  19. Short Answers
  20. Phrasal Verbs
  21. Infinitive
  22. Gerund
  23. Participles
  24. Relative Clauses
  25. Reported Speech
  26. Passive Voice

Tip 2: to be continued

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