Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Get back my Glitterati status!

Huhu, Finally i get back my Glitterati status after 1 year I been removed from the status. Actually what happen was one of my blog suddenly do not interact any traffic in certain period of time, that way my status have been removed. Then because of that I think I don't want to concentrate on nuff anymore and I put some other ads like advertlets inside my blog. Apa-apa pun setelah aku lihat dan survey on earning and also comments from the other blogger i think nuff is still the best advertising community. I also think that advertlets is suck in term of earning and support. Anyway, I'm back for u nuff..hehe....adios..


eiela said...

oo,,congratz dah dapat balik glitterati status..

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cinonex coreyan said...

singah jap jenguk2..


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